Ref resources photoIn 2014, Historic England (formerly English Heritage) commissioned a project to collect information about the Archaeological Reference Resources used by researchers in the study of artefacts and ecofacts.

This project is part of the broader Historic England strategy for developing research resources. It aims to enable Historic England and the wider archaeological community  gain a better understanding of:

  • what reference resources are being used by the archaeology sector
  • the nature of current issues with reference resources
  • the nature of any major gaps in coverage

To meet these aims, the project involves the compilation of a database of reference resources currently in use, and liaison with specialist groups and individuals to establish what reference resources are being used, and where there are gaps in coverage or omissions.

The project was initially developed by Rachel Edwards (Arboretum Archaeological Consultancy) and Hal Dalwood (Hal Dalwood Archaeology and Heritage) in mid-2014. Sadly, Hal fell critically ill and died in late 2015, and the project was put on temporary hold. However, Victoria Hunns (of TDR Heritage) has now joined the project team and is helping support finalisation of the project.

The project restarted in December 2016 and is expected to complete by June 2017.