Who has been Involved?

The Archaeological Reference Resources project is one of the outcomes of the Historic England strategy for developing research resources.

An important element of this project is to work with specialist groups and individuals that have in-depth knowledge of their subject areas. The approach being used has been designed to maximise their input to the project, and focuses their involvement on checking and verifying an initial list of research resources that has been prepared by the project team, following an extensive literature search.

Liaison has developed through various means, including email, telephone and attendance at meetings and conferences.

Specialist Groups

The specialist groups involved with the project to date include (in alphabetical order):

Archive of Anglo-Saxon Stamps
Archive of Roman Pottery Stamps
Association for Environmental Archaeology
Association for the History of Glass
Archaeological Leather Group
Archaeobotanical Work Group
British Association for Biological Anthropology and Osteoarchaeology
British Museum
Bead Study Group
Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA)
CIfA Maritime Affairs Group
CIfA Finds Group
Charcoal and Wood Work Group
Colchester Museum
Durham University
Historic England
Early Textiles Study Group
Exeter University
Federation of Archaeological Managers and Employers
Finds Research Group
Hampshire Museums
Historical Metallurgy Group
Later Prehistoric Finds Group
Lithic Studies Society
Museum of London
Medieval Pottery Research Group
Nautical Archaeology Society
Newcastle University
Portable Antiquities Scheme
Prehistoric Ceramics Research Group
Plymouth Museum
Professional Zooarchaeology Group
Quern Study Group
Roman Finds Group
Society for Clay Pipe Research
Study Group for Roman Pottery
Society for Museum Archaeology
Southampton University
Society for Post Medieval Archaeology
Worked Bone Research Group

Individual Researchers

Individual researchers in both the commercial and academic sectors have also had a role in the creation of the resource database.¬† When being developed, the project recognised that a significant number of these individuals were not necessarily members of core specialist groups, particularly in the highly specialised fields of artefact research. The project team attended a number of conferences and meetings and liaised with the CIfA Finds Group, which covers all specialists who don’t have specialist groups.

Any additional individual researchers who are not members of any of the above groups and would like to contribute to the project can contact the project team by 30th January 2017.