Project Objectives

The main project objectives are to:

  • Identify what Reference Resources are currently available/regularly being used by the archaeology sector in the study of artefacts and ecofacts. These comprise typologies, reference collections, corpora, and synthetic studies. Published, online, and physical Reference Resources will be included.2015-03-14 15.16.00 Ref Res in use smaller
  • Create a point-in-time database of Reference Resources with information on composition, coverage, date, availability, access, etc.
  • Identify barriers to the use of Reference Resources (eg books out of print).
  • Identify threats to Reference Resources (eg uncertainty over future curation and maintenance).
  • Assess the costs and benefits of developing and maintaining an online database of Reference Resources as a tool for use by the sector.
  • Highlight major gaps and weaknesses in coverage and currency of Reference Resources.

The original project design is available here: 7030PD_Arboretum_v2.1_public


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